Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Moment To Remember

I'll will always remember my results in last semester. This is a perfect score. Sometimes I'm happy, but also I desperate. Sometimes I'm grateful but also I cry a lot.

I should learn more to grow up. We tried, we prayed, but the result not always match. Ok, enough. Live must go on. Dreams are not over.

We may got perfect score, but it doesn't mean we can be good in reality. Study is not about how to get perfect score, but it's about how to be a real human. How to use our education in a real life.

Just cheer up! I'm sure, I'm more better then my score papers. Stay positive, stay grateful ;-)

I attached my last score, this is real perfect scores to remember. ⬇ XO XO

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Glad to Find You!

Dear my old friend!

Finally, I find you! Nice to find you on internet, you've grow up better now. 
Since last year, I wondered, how's your life? How's your school? Well, I just suddenly missing you. It is just because you appeared in my dreams. I don't want back to yesterday, but I wish we can meet again and be freind. Be good friend.